Logo & Brand Development

Every company or new business entity needs a unique and representative logo and brand, to help establish a reputation and allow customers or prospects to recognize you and return to your business. We work with you to help develop a logo and brand that is unique to your company and visually represents it in a positive, easily identifiable manner.

A modern logo must not only represent your company, but also be flexible enough for you to use across media and for years into the future.  Our design and branding experts can help you develop a logo concept that will look good in your various applications and stand the test of time.

Your “brand” is defined as your corporate identity, including your attitude, mission, and values.  These ideas need to be communicated through your design elements, fonts, and colors, so that your mission and values are interpreted cohesively from your organization and truly reflect your identity.  Our creative team can help hone in on the visual guidelines to represent your brand, and develop your Brand Standards Guide to be followed by employees and approved vendors in order to consistently represent your organization.  These guidelines show how your identity should be applied throughout a variety of mediums, using approved color palettes, fonts, layouts, measurements, and so forth.  If you already have an established brand, but need an official Guide, we can also work with you to put these guidelines into an official format.

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