Green Printing

Print, Paper and Sustainable Forests
FSC Certified


R.C. Brayshaw & Company, Inc. is proud to have been named the Green Business of the Year for the State of New Hampshire in 2012. Additionally, we were among the first adopters of the use of FSC Certification for printers in New England. Both our award from the State, and our long-standing FSC certification demonstrate our continued dedication to long-term environmental sustainability and responsible forest management.

For us, Green Printing is not just a buzzword, we take it seriously. It means so much more than recycling paper, it means taking an environmentally responsible approach to all three of our facilities by limiting landfill waste and chemical usage throughout our operations.

Our efforts include the use of low impact vegetable and soy based inks with limited volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), the reuse of make-ready sheets to minimize paper waste, recycling over four tons of paper each week, off-cuts are recycled or reused, liquid waste tanks are used for collection of, and disposal/treatment of chemical waste, and all aluminum printing plates are recycled.