Advertising is one of the most innovative and challenging forms of art because it needs to be not only visually stimulating, but persuasive as well. To be effective it needs to both attract someone’s attention and encourage them to find out more about the product or service you wish to promote as well.

In 1997, Direct Marketing News reported that we were being exposed to more advertisements in a year then people 50 years earlier saw in their entire lifetime. Today, many reports indicate that we see over 3,000 advertising messages each day.

Design is what powers advertising, and it is becoming more and more crucial for a company to have an effective advertising campaign. The purpose of an ad campaign is to bring in new clients, buyers, users, and customers. That can be hard, especially today when people are being bombarded with so many messages and have a tendency to be more careful with what they are buying.

At R. C. Brayshaw and Company, we will work very closely with you to help develop advertisements that work. Every company and brand has its own mood or tone, and we can help show that in an advertisement. Creative advertising is very important to your success. A properly designed, targeted advertising campaign does more than just generate more business for your company; it helps to build brand loyalty as well.