If you are printing a booklet, book, or multi-page report it’s critical to plan how you will put together the finished product before you set up your document in your page layout program. We will help you choose from several binding methods, each with its own pros and cons depending on the final use of your project, the need for durability, best appearance, and cost.

For some types of binding it might simply be a matter of ensuring that the margins are wide enough to accommodate the holes for a three ring binder or a spiral binding element. For saddle-stitching, you may need to compensate for creep, depending on the thickness of your stock and the total number of pages. Some bindings provide improved durability while others will allow your book to lie flat when open. Regardless of whether your project includes a 400 page hard-bound book, a 12 page budget report, or anywhere in between, we can provide the prefect binding solution to fit your project.

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