CD/DVD Duplication & Printing

Whether you need a CD or DVD to supplement your printed materials, a video presentation, or your software product, we can duplicate your data quickly for distribution, and provide high quality labeling options printed directly on your disc!

Our duplication process burns your content directly onto our “Grade A”, high quality blank media. If you require a fast turnaround, on quantities of 500 or less we can often ship completed product in as little as 24 hours! Every CD and DVD Duplication Project is important and unique; we highly recommend that you contact one of our experienced Disc Project Managers today to assist you.

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Audio, Video, and Data

CD’s and DVD’s are the ideal product for mass distribution of multi-media forms because of their near-universal compatibility with disc-based electronic devices.

CD’s are primarily used for both music and data due to their smaller storage capacity (700 MB), while the DVD is the current standard in optical disc storage technology for most industries. They are used for video, audio, and computer data as they offer a much higher storage capacity than CD’s. A single layer DVD will hold up to 4.7 GB of information. Similar to how CD’s revolutionized the music industry, the DVD brought big changes in the video market. DVD technology provides stunning video resolution, high end audio reproduction, large storage capacity, speed, quality, and overall versatility for your projects.

Direct on Disc Printing

As part of the duplication process, we offer various high quality printing techniques to make each disc attractive and easily identifiable.

Our thermal disc printing technology ushers in a new era of high quality CD and DVD printing, producing professional photo-quality CD and DVD prints that are truly unmatched. The printing system has been optimized to produce vibrant colors with increased clarity and sharpness of each image produced. Our resolution is the highest dye-sublimation disc printing resolution available in the industry today, providing you with professional, consistent-looking durable and permanent CD and DVD prints that are scratch and water proof, fade resistant and UV-protected!

Need some versatility? We also offer high volume Disc Replication services using Screen Printing, or low volume grayscale or light color coverage InkJet printing.

Contact one of our experienced Disc Project Managers today to assist you in determining the service that provides the appropriate Disc Printing solution for your needs.

Disc and Case Design

We know we shouldn’t judge books by their covers, but we do so, subconsciously and on a regular basis. Since something’s visual appearance is often our first, and sometimes our only, impression of it or them, we begin forming our opinions based on that appearance.

The same goes for your music or content on CD’s and DVD’s. Those who aren’t familiar with you or your company only have your cover design to base their initial opinion on your product. You don’t want to package your product in a way that fails to catch the public’s eye. You don’t want your jewel case artwork to turn people away or not take you and your work seriously. Instead, you want to carefully consider how your product is presented. Good, effective design is important to that success!  We will work with you to ensure that your finished package will be high-quality, creative, and designed entirely and exclusively for your project.

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