Excellence in printing ultimately depends upon the ability to control ink on paper. Our expert pressroom personnel are masters of their craft – a combination of technical expertise and attention to detail. Today’s presses are highly automated, but the critical decisions about ink density, color balance, registration, and press speed are dependent upon a skilled operator. Simply equipping a press with a scanning spectrophotometer is not enough, only an expert pressman can still best utilize it for measured control throughout a print run. Talented and experienced craftsman, operating high quality equipment is the key to a superb finished piece. Having and choosing the BEST equipment for each type of printing is also of high importance.

R.C. Brayshaw & Company has several offset printing presses in our arsenal- from our 40″ format down to our small format duplicators, we can always match the right equipment to the job. And, we know when your piece is a perfect fit for our digital presses. Several of our presses can print in perfecting mode for printing both sides of the sheet in one pass. Our carton diameter presses can even print on extra heavy stock for your packaging needs. Being the best at ink-on-paper is hard work, and we have the best in the business in our press room.

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