NEW Heidelberg Speedmaster XL-106

heidelberg speedmaster xl 106
  • We can print both sides of the sheet in a single pass, where as other printers can only print one, thus requiring twice as many passes and yielding 100% more production time.
  • With our one of a kind Prinect Inpress Control technology, make ready times are up to four times faster than other conventional press configurations.
  • In a direct comparison, 10,000 copies of a 32 page, 8 ½” x 11” full color publication, the Heidelberg XL106 will take 1/3 of the time to run versus its competitors.

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG manufactures a range of mechanical equipment products from its headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany. Heidelberg is one of the top makers of offset printing presses in the world and well-known for their superior quality and reliability. Nearly 47 percent of all presses of this type on the market are made by Heidelberg. These sheet-fed offset printing systems are ideal for producing a broad range of high quality color paper products including catalogs, calendars, posters and packaging labels. Heidelberg also manufactures various prepress, post press, press, and other equipment.

In Warner, we built an addition to our production space to house the first of its kind, in New Hampshire or Vermont, Heidelberg XL106 – Eight Color press with in-line coating that prints full color on both sides of a press sheet in a single pass. This premier catalog press handles a press sheet up to 29” x 41” and effectively helps to reduce the time to produce most catalogs and publications by half. This press is very unique with numerous technological advances that ensure your brand protection from project to project.

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