On our website, within the customer tools section, you will find our convenient file transfer system, which provides a fast and easy way to upload your files. Simply select your Consultant or Customer Service Representative from the list, fill out the form with your contact details and browse to your file to select it for upload. We do recommend that you compress your file into a single ZIP or Stuffit file for protection and reduction of upload size. When the upload is finished your contact will receive immediate notification that your files have arrived, and you will receive an email with verification that your file was successfully uploaded.

We also provide an FTP server which can be accessed with any standard FTP program, or through many web browsers. Files sent this way MUST be protected during transit, so compress your files in the Stuffit or ZIP format before sending. Please contact us when your upload is completed with the EXACT filename(s) you sent. We allow guest access and can also create separate accounts for users, so contact your customer service representative to receive connection information.

We can also accept WeTransfer or DropBox file transfers as well.

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