Can you answer these 4 crucial questions about your website?

RCB-Social-July-4Your website needs regular checkups to stay healthy and competitivefree from malware, bad code, and poor Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. Based on your unique needs, you rely on your website to serve several critical functions for your business (such as gathering new leads, processing sales, cataloging your products), but without routine maintenance, your website could be failing behind the scenes without your knowledge.

Can you answer the following 4 questions about your website and online presence?

Is my website coded properly?
What is the ROI from my online presence?
How strong is my website’s SEO?
Most importantly, what can I improve upon?

If you don’t immediately know the answers to these questions, or if you are asking yourself how you would even find the answers, R.C. Brayshaw can help.

With our free web analysis tool, we take a holistic look at your website, social media, and general web presence. By condensing this knowledge into a detailed report for your company, we can help you fix any existing problems and improve your current site, local visibility, and social media.

Follow this link in order to download your company’s report.

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