Pre-show marketing that drives traffic to your booth!

R.C. Brayshaw has been a trusted partner of trade show exhibitors for more than 40 years, supporting a diverse range of needs from signage and banners, to handouts and promotional giveaways, to event-related marketing and surveys.

70% plan a list of company booths they plan to visit before ever stepping foot on the trade show floor. Your pre-event marketing plan will:

→ Generate new sales through the show booth
→ Increase the database for your sales funnel with new names and email addresses
→ Confirm appointments for follow-up meetings and sales conversions
→ Expand and introduce your brand to a new audience
→ Build relationships with existing clients 

Pre-show marketing will set you apart from your competition. We will help you develop campaigns that drive show attendees to your booth.  Building pre-show interest increases the conversion of visitors to customers by a whopping 50%, and with only 10-15% of trade show exhibitors investing in pre-show marketing efforts, this will certainly help you rise above the rest.

Event materials that stand out from the crowd.

Stand out from your competitors with impactful and memorable materials! Show off your brand with everything from classic brochures and handouts to unique displays and give-a-ways.

→ Promotional Products
→ Brochures and handouts of all shapes and sizes
→ Trade Show Booths, Banners, and signage

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