Why Choose R.C. Brayshaw for Your Mailing Services?

Mailing services and project fulfillment are areas where expenses can get inflated unnecessarily if not managed properly. By keeping up with the latest USPS rules, we can ensure that you will save money on every mailing project we handle for you.

At R.C. Brayshaw & Company, we are constantly updating our systems and our knowledge on the latest USPS rules affecting First Class and Standard Class bulk mailings so we can offer a high-quality shipping and mailing service to our customers.

Our presort software is updated on a regular basis insuring you the best presort price (lowest postage expense), and the fastest routing of your mail to its destination.

Once again, you can relax knowing that R.C. Brayshaw and Company can manage your projects from design comprehensive to placing your promotional piece in the hands of your target audience. We provide both quality and price assurances at every step of the process.

Mail Merge & Match Mailing

Match mailing is a method that quickly matches two or more pieces of mail through a specialized system to be sent to the same recipient for better efficiency. This mailing service has the power to turn the people receiving your direct mail piece into clients by delivering personalized pieces that resonate with the recipient.

Personalization has become the standard of marketers using data to drive their marketing messages because it produces amazing results. The reaction your target audience has to your direct mail will be determined by whether or not they can relate to it. For instance, including your customer’s name at the beginning of the printed piece immediately grabs their attention because human beings are programmed to respond to their names. Using data-driven marketing techniques to customize the remainder of the message keeps them engaged with your offer because it speaks directly to their interests.

Addressing & Barcoding

Although it seems very basic, it is important to remember that every individual piece of mail must include the following basic address information:

  1. The intended recipient’s name or other designation.
  2. The delivery address (including street number and name (pre-directional, suffix, and post-directional as appropriate), post office box number, rural or highway contract route and box number), and secondary descriptor and number (e.g., suite or apartment number, floor) if needed.
  3. The city and state.
  4. The appropriate ZIP Code or ZIP+4 code where required.

The difficult part of addressing your mail piece is knowing where it should be placed on each different type and class of mail. R.C. Brayshaw has the knowledge to make sure it’s in the correct position and format to ensure a smooth and cost effective process for you through the USPS.

NCOA Certification

All Presorted Standard Class mail and all Presorted First Class mail required to meet the U.S. Postal Service’s “move update” requirements (this requirement does not apply to Periodical Class mail). “Move update” refers to methods for making sure that the person or business you are mailing to is still at the address you have for them. When a person or business moves to a new address, they typically file a change-of-address notice with the USPS. Those notices are compiled into a National Change of Address (NCOA) database. By checking your list against the NCOA database, you can tell if a person or business has moved, and correct their address (or delete the address, if you choose) before you address your mail.

We ensure that all presorted mail projects are compliant with the USPS requirements for NCOA standards prior to addressing.

Tabbing & Wafer Sealing

To improve processing and handling of automation compatible letter-size booklets and self-mailers, the USPS requires them to be sealed with tabs.

There are some basic general guidelines for example, folded self-mailers need two tabs and letter-size booklets three. Size, weight, thickness and orientation of the mail piece can override these general rules and make your mail piece non-compliant, which can raise postage costs and delay delivery or even leave your mail piece unable to be mailed.

R.C. Brayshaw is in constant contact with the USPS to make sure mail pieces comply to standards and sorted to take advantage of the maximum postage savings.


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