Accelerate Your Business With Our Logo Design & Branding Services

The importance of professional logo design and branding services can’t be understated.

Superb logo design leaves an excellent first impression on your customers, identifies your business memorably and positively, and makes it easier to build brand recognition.

Strategic and creative concepts are critical to projecting a professional image and driving Return on Investment (ROI).

Our logo design services include the formats and variations for the media of your choice so that your business can excel by standing out from the crowd.


Every company or new business needs unique and representative logo design and branding.

They are some of the best ways to establish a solid reputation and build the brand awareness you need to keep your customers coming back for more and for earning new customers.

Our team of expert graphic designers will develop a unique logo and branding strategy that will help grow your company and your vision. Our logo design and branding strategy will visually represent your business in a positive, easily identifiable manner that’s sure to be remembered.

A modern logo designed by R.C. Brayshaw will represent your company and be flexible enough to be used for years in different types of media. It will stand the test of time and look amazing in a variety of applications.

Benefits Of Branding

Your “brand” is typically defined as your corporate identity, including your vision, mission, and values. 

These ideas need to be communicated through your design elements, fonts, and colors so that your mission and values are interpreted correctly by your customers and throughout your organization—it’s a reflection of your identity.

Our creative team will help you define the visual guidelines that represent your brand and develop your Brand Standards Guide so that employees, vendors, and third-parties represent your organization in the way it ought to be represented.

A Brand Standards Guide, also known as a Brand Style Guide, has several proven benefits:

  • It governs the composition, design, and general look-and-feel of your company’s branding.
  • It dictates the contents of logos, blogs, websites, advertisements, and other marketing collateral, reinforcing your brand strength.
  • Guidelines show how your identity should be applied throughout various mediums, using approved color palettes, fonts, layouts, measurements, and much more.

If you already have an established brand but need an official Brand Standards Guide, we can work with you to put these guidelines into an official format that helps your company experience the growth it deserves.

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