At R.C. Brayshaw & Company, our ultimate goal is to make your brand achieve its full potential, and part of achieving that goal is making sure that the visual components of your brand are well represented. Our prepress department utilizes a wide variety of software representing the latest tools, as well as employing our years of experience to ensure that your projects are going to look their very best.

Our prepress workflow starts with evaluating your PDF or native design files to ensure that they meet the standards for the type of project being produced. Our prepress examines native design files to check that all elements have been supplied, are correct for the workflow and match the specification of the production order, before Optimized PDF files are produced for output. PDFs created from the native files as well as those supplied directly from clients are then preflighted with advanced Adobe Acrobat tools that examine them one final time before going into the workflow.

The TrueFlow and Equios Preform workflows that we employ are not only time-tested but are constantly upgraded to ensure that we are providing you with the latest tools in print reproduction technologies. TrueFlow has utilized the Adobe Print Engine for several years and deals extremely well with advanced features like native transparency in the latest design programs.

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