Cold Calling….it’s still Kickin’!

In the age of Social Media, many will argue that cold calling has taken a back seat to all other methods of generating new business. My friends, I am here to put my foot down on this matter, because frankly, I successfully include cold calling in my schedule every day!

Cold calling? Why do it, you may ask? Well, when done correctly, it is an extremely effective sales tool. A professional approach to cold calling can take a business relationship from zero to 60 in a matter of seconds, and it provides future growth opportunities using only a minimal budget. Many industries and companies that have eliminated cold calling as a part of their routine have found that they actually end up spending more on sales & marketing opportunities, while yielding reduced results.

This is not to imply that cold calling has not evolved over the past few years, and I am sure that any business owner would agree that the amount of calls he/she gets within a week has decreased significantly. However, it is important to note that you can still rely on cold calls to generate leads, and in turn, introduce yourself to a prospect and start to build a relationship with them. It is not easy, but as the old adage goes, if it were easy, everyone would do it!

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Some have subscribed to the concept that Social Media has taken over completely, but it hasn’t. Social Media plays a very important role in helping field representatives reach a higher level of success by gaining new introductions and opportunities. In a recent experience, I couldn’t get past the gatekeeper in my attempt to secure a meeting with the marketing individual I was seeking audience with. I then went on to LinkedIn to see if I had any connections or common ground with either the gatekeeper or anyone else within the company, and it just so happened that I did. This allowed me to use the name of an employee and sound more viable when calling back, giving me some credibility with the gatekeeper who then put me in touch with the person I was seeking. I might just as easily have hit upon a common interest with the gatekeeper, thereby allowing me to start building a relationship with them as well.

There are numerous other techniques you can employ allowing you to use Social Media to your advantage. Think of it as revving up your cold calls, because in the end that’s really what you are able to do. Most social media platforms provide the opportunity to gain more insight about your potential prospects prior to trying to connect with them. Remember, communication is key, and what we are really trying to do, above all else, is build relationships with our prospects.

Cold calling has been around for quite some time now, and although naysayers had their doubts and said it would be gone by now, it sure has held its ground. This isn’t to say that tomorrow a new technique won’t come into play that makes cold calling, along with social media, take a back seat. When that happens, just remember, there is no magic bullet, and it’s always important to master the tried and true before transitioning to the next big thing.

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