Is Every Door Direct Mail right for your Business?

Every Door Direct Mail is a new class of mail from the US Post Office that is quickly growing in popularity and many of our customers have been asking about using it for their business.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is an excellent tool for businesses and organizations looking to reach out to new prospects in a defined geographical area. EDDM enables marketers to mail to every home, business or PO Box on an individual mail carriers route. The United States Post Office has developed user friendly online tools that enable marketers to quickly research carrier routes by zip code and use an interactive map to target specific neighborhoods for mailing. The USPS has also made available additional demographic information (based on recent US Census data) pertaining to age, household income and house hold size.

Bigger is better! At least when it comes to standing out in the mail. Every Door Direct Mail has mail requirements that are larger than your standard “Letter” class mailing. EDDM is founded around the basic size requirements and wafer sealing guidelines of a standard “Flat” mail piece. To qualify for EDDM the mail piece must exceed at least one dimension of a standard 6.125″ x 11″ Letter size. Three popular sizes for EDDM are 6.5″ x 10.5″, 8.5″ x 11″ or 9″ x 12″. Along with the larger format, the Post Office has simplified the labeling requirements, which means more room for photos and messaging. It also enables marketers to mail folded brochures, booklets and newsletters without the added expense of wafer sealing.  Additional information on size requirements can be found in the USPS EDDM Quick Reference Guide.


There are lots of ways to use Every Door Direct Mail, here are a few real-world examples: When a local retailer wanted to get the word out about Black Friday Specials, EDDM offered them the ability to reach every residence in their target area. When a local Ski Resort looked to us for help to announce their new Tubing Park, EDDM enabled them to reach out with an announcement and enticing coupon. When a regional Real Estate Company wanted to spread the word about National Open House weekend, EDDM BMEU (Bulk Mail Entry Unit) offered them the perfect solution to target multiple areas, with huge savings o n postage.

In the Information Age, reaching customers is becoming more complicated by the minute, Every Door Direct Mail is a simple tool that enables marketers to reach new customers with targeted marketing. To learn more about EDDM and if its right for you, we are here to help.

Jeremy Freitas, Marketing Solutions Consultant

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