Get Your Green Shoes On!

Being friendly to the environment and using ‘green’ approaches in your marketing campaigns can help you gain recognition and support from audiences you haven’t reached before. The benefits of thinking green can quickly add up, both for the environment, and for your company’s bottom line. We have collected some simple tips to help your company start utilizing sustainable marketing.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Green ShoesReduce – If it is your habit to print a copy for each round of edits, consider proofing via PDF or printing one copy out and circulating the single copy for editing. Although it is important to see how the product will actually print on paper, many small changes can be done without the need to print out unnecessary documents. Another quick tip: Use the ‘Spellcheck’ feature in your application to cut down on those edits!

Reuse – Maybe you have leftover flyers or other materials that aren’t time sensitive. Before tossing them in the trash, think of ways to re-purpose them. Your consultant may have an idea to make modifications to them and incorporate them into another marketing campaign. You could turn this venture into a fun exercise for employees with a contest and prize to the person who comes up with the most creative way to reuse the materials.

Green PrintingRecycle – This one’s simple, and you are probably already doing it. Set up recycle bins around the office for any proofs that you printed with an error, and would have just thrown in the trash. You can also recycle leftover advertising materials in the office. While you’re implementing a paper recycling program, consider other recyclable materials such as aluminum, plastic and glass. At R.C. Brayshaw and Company, we recycle all our trimmed paper waste and all our aluminum plates, thus saving the environment and money at the same time!

Choose your Paper

It’s probably not a good plan to convert to an online only marketing approach. Many businesses have found that utilizing an integrated solution for marketing, using print and online media together, can yield far better results than from either method alone. Choose an environmentally-friendly paper that has been recycled and is labeled “processed chlorine free.” Not only is this paper recycled, but chlorine in paper has been found to have a negative impact on the environment. We can help you by recommending stocks that fit your particular needs and still be better for the environment.

All Aboard

Take advantage of what the company as a whole is doing to go green as a unique selling point in your marketing endeavors. If your products can be considered “green”, promote that aspect of your business. It is also a great idea to get all your employees on board with possible energy saving or other green practices. Your customers will appreciate hearing about what you’re doing to help the environment.

Be Genuine

Once you have started practicing the ‘green’ marketing approach, follow through and be proud of it. Come up with a simple logo to put on all of your materials so that clients know that you strive to positively benefit the environment. Be careful that you are accurately representing your green policies and practices, and not embellish your efforts. Even a small change has a positive impact, so don’t be afraid to talk about your small steps as well as grand initiatives.

Talk to your R.C. Brayshaw marketing consultant about your green options today!

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