Holiday Savings Through Social Media

Social Media ShoppingWhile many of us have been decking the halls in preparation for the holiday season, major companies and manufacturers have been hitting the World Wide Web in hopes to grab consumer’s attention.

The following three tips are a sure way to get you in the spirit of saving!

  1. Are you a fan on Facebook? In a recent study it was found that 81% of retailers plan to use Facebook to promote in-store offers. More and more, you will notice that many brands as well as companies have their own Facebook page. Make sure to click the “Like” button, then the “Get Notifications” link under the “Like” button in order to see what new deals they are offering. Once you are a fan, you will be a VIP of sorts, receiving the most up to date coupons on deals from your favorite retailers.
  2. Who are you following on Twitter? If you are on Twitter, then you are most likely already following your friends, family & co-workers. The next step is to look for your favorite brands, as they are always tweeting what they have going on. Once you are following these brands, be sure to check back frequently – your favorite companies are always sharing news about new merchandise and sales to their loyal fans and customers.
  3. What’s in your Email “Junk” box? Email blasts may seem like an idea of the past, but they are one of the sure ways to grab consumer’s attention. While checking my mail this morning, I had about 13 different emails about sales, or coupons to use during the holiday season. You might not realize it, as most of us empty our Junk box without viewing, but if you take a minute to open those emails, I guarantee you will find something to your liking.

Loyalty Customer Satisfaction‘Tis the season of giving, and giving consumers a reason to come back time and time again is what companies are aiming to do. Be sure to take full advantage of everything your favorite brands are offering by frequenting their social media sites. You will be surprised at how much you can save this holiday season!


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