Integrated Marketing – Page 10


Integrated and cross media marketing campaigns allow you to utilize a wide array of marketing channels that will expand your reach, improve your sales opportunities, and help you obtain a high return on your marketing investments.

Consistency in your marketing efforts will maximize effectiveness, so at R.C. Brayshaw & Company we work with you to develop, and manage a timeline execution of your campaigns, thereby eliminating the risk of your campaign falling by the wayside because no one on your staff has time to manage it. We also track the response rates to eliminate any assumptions as to what works and what doesn’t. Our staff will be actively involved every step of the way, helping to maximize the success of your campaigns!

We can help you reach your full potential in all of these digital and traditional channels by designing and developing integrated marketing campaigns customized to meet the needs of your business. Contact our Digital Media Facility at (603) 298-5057 to speak with our Business Development Department, or Email RHall@RCBrayshaw.com today!

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