Integrated Marketing – Part 7

Capturing Critical Marketing Information From Customer Prospects

Integrated marketing campaigns provide real time activity reporting allowing you to monitor results and quickly generate targeted responses. With the marketing information you obtain, you can continue your communication with the prospect using automatic, personalized drip marketing techniques. This will ultimately reduce the costs of ongoing interaction by leveraging automatic triggers to create a cost-effective, communication channel with a “personal” touch. With the data gathered in these campaigns, your staff has the opportunity to have direct phone contact with an engaged prospect who is interested in your product line, and they will have talking points (the client’s or prospect’s interests) available based on the data you have collected.

By combining the power of targeted direct mail with personalized web interaction, integrated marketing campaigns can help you determine a significant amount of information about your customers’ buying habits. Utilizing this valuable data gathering process will also allow you to target your customer and prospect base with future messages that are specific to their interests. Imagine the potential for increased return on your marketing investments as you develop the foundation for data driven marketing.

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