Online Portals take all the time and worry out of managing your print collateral and other marketing materials you routinely have on hand. We warehouse your inventory for you, providing efficiencies that help your budget by reducing your storage, management, production and printing costs. Your associates are able to personalize and customize marketing materials while placing orders 24/7 from anywhere in the world. You retain complete control over order approvals and the integrity of you brand identity is protected by having all collateral pieces produced in the same manner each time, and every time.

We send confirming email notification on all orders, while automatically tracking inventory levels that trigger alert notifications when supplies run below a preset minimum. You never need to worry about depleting critical marketing materials again. All products are fully insured and stored in our climate controlled warehouse where daily fulfillment services are provided.

Inventory Management

R. C. Brayshaw & Company can store and track all of your marketing collateral in a secure and controlled environment. We provide a highly efficient inventory program for your use without the complexity of managing it on your own site. Our online, secure inventory management system is available 24/7, providing you with a wide variety of reports and services.


  • Pick and Pack
  • Kit Assembly
  • Call Center
  • Integrated Purchasing
  • Shipping Notifications


  • Inventory Reports
  • Item Master Reports
  • Low Inventory Alerts
  • Distribution Reports
  • Usage Reports

Web-to-Print Benefits

Our “web-to-print” services offer you convenient and efficient options for managing your print materials. The results are better maintenance of brand integrity, reduced time to market and decreased costs.

Not all web-to-print order processing platforms are the same; our systems are completely organic, offering you customized solutions to meet the exact needs of your communication programs. You will be able to order materials 24/7 online and securely from virtually anywhere in the world and have them shipped directly to your desired location(s).

Many of the tools included with this service include:

  • Enable access levels for both final corporate level approval of orders as well as allowing personnel the flexibility to customize certain materials
  • Maintain your company’s brand standards with templates that control the use of text, graphics and images
  • Proof and edit documents on line
  • Increase marketing effectiveness by producing materials tailored to the interests and needs of specific market segments
  • Monitor job status, ordering and shipping

Reduce waste and warehousing costs by printing materials only as they are needed.

Pick and Pack

As the world becomes a smaller place as a result of advancements in communication and transportation technology, expectations become greater and more challenging to get your message to the right place at the right time. We are highly experienced in managing complex logistics to streamline even the most challenging distribution requirements.

Your printed materials are stored in a climate controlled warehouse and shipped on demand within 24 hours of receipt of order. Most orders are actually processed and shipped on the day they are received, satisfying the needs of even the most anxious of your accounts.

You save on both warehousing costs and labor as we pick the pieces of your order from inventory, pack, and ship them, all in a highly efficient process that keeps your message moving. No matter how complex, we’ll strategize the best possible solutions for accurate, timely and cost-effective distribution to serve your every need.

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