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marketing automationMarketing Automation services have evolved significantly over the past several years due to advances in technology and the addition of new marketing channels such as social media and microsites. With this new technology, digital marketing channels can be seamlessly combined with print marketing efforts to develop cohesive campaigns that are optimized to reach wider audiences.

This evolution has allowed marketers to communicate with their customers in a more cost-effective and efficient manner that results in higher returns on their marketing investments. Some of the major benefits of adding automation to your marketing initiatives are:

  • Insight on how customers interact with digital marketing materials and inclusion of this information as part of a master customer database

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see exactly which of your products and/or services your customers are interested in? This is exactly what marketing automation has been developed to achieve. The insight in to your customers’ interactions with your marketing materials can be retained and allows you to customize how you market to that person in the future.

  • The option for full integration with Customer Relationship Management software (like Salesforce) to streamline database management and create one complete master customer database

Are you tired of having to invest your company’s resources to update your customer database with the data from your latest marketing campaign? Marketing automation provides the option to create a direct link to your customer relationship software that sends updated information in real time. If you don’t use CRM software then marketing automation service can serve as your master database that you will have unlimited access to.

  • Lead scoring and nurturing through drip marketing capabilities

Do you want to make sure that your sales team is receiving all of the qualified leads from your marketing campaigns? Lead scoring allows you to assign point values to your customer’s interactions with your marketing materials so that you can instantly engage with them when their interest is at its peak. We develop drip marketing workflows that promote additional engagement with your customers to boost their lead scores. Once a customer has obtained the lead score that identifies them as qualified, an automated email notification is sent to your sales team that will contain their complete profile so your team can customize their sales response time and strategy to the customer’s needs.marketing tools

  • 24/7 access to comprehensive reporting on key metrics like email open rates, link interactions, marketing information, etc.

Do you want insight to your campaigns while they are live? Extensive reporting on all elements of the campaign are available and updated in real time. Reports can be scheduled to be delivered via email or you can access a personal dashboard for a quick overview of all of the campaign’s data. We closely monitor your campaign metrics and can make changes to aspects of a live campaign that can help improve response rates.

  • Precise targeted marketing with selecting specific segments of customer audiences

Are you concerned that you are delivering the wrong messaging to your customers? Then you will love the behavioral targeting features that marketing automation services have to offer. We can filter or select by almost any attribute and/or interaction your customers have within your campaign. For example, if a customer answers a survey question like “Which of our products interests you the most?” we can use their answer to send them down the path of the campaign that is focused on showing them information on that specific product. This helps ensure that the marketing efforts are relevant and engaging for your customers and prospects.

Marketing automation should be an integral piece of every company’s overall marketing strategy and we are pleased to be able to offer this solution to our clients. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you incorporate automation technology in your marketing efforts and develop effective communications with your customers that will help grow your business!

Authored by Maria Dailey, Integrated Marketing Project Manager

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