Multi-touch marketing campaigns multiply results

To many people, a multi-touch marketing campaign might seem overwhelming, but it is actually easier to deploy than you think. Simply stated, a multi-touch marketing campaign uses multiple methods of reaching out to prospects in order to maximize the effectiveness of a campaign. An example might be a campaign that includes contacting prospects using Direct Mail, Social Media, and Email in a combined, cohesive manner. No single communication channel is 100% effective, so extending your reach means improving your response rates.

It is important to first look at your objective and evaluate the different services available while developing the best strategy. No one solution will work for every campaign, so it is always important to brain storm about what matters most to your proposed audience, and then employ the tools that will best address their needs or interests.

Here are a few tips to help get you moving forward with a multi-touch campaign:

  • Be creative and think outside the box. Get together with your provider and colleagues for a good brainstorming session. These meetings can produce interesting ideas and unique campaigns that just might prove more effective than the old messaging you used in the past.
  • Employ continuity and consistency when using multiple tactics such as direct mail and Email to ensure that the recipient will know they are part of the same campaign simply by looking at them.
  • Be flexible enough to make changes. Focus on the parts of your campaign that are doing well so you can put your time and energy into those. If part of your campaign is not doing as well, consider possible alterations or doing away with that part of the campaign altogether.

Have a response procedure in place to maximize your conversion rates (inquires to sales). Out of necessity, many campaigns are designed to generate qualified leads, not automatic sales. Make certain your staff recognizes the value of each lead that is generated through your campaign so they respond in a timely manner while the prospect’s interest level is at its peak.

Based on independent research, studies show that it can take 5 – 7 touches to reach and then start a meaningful dialogue with your target market, so consider making a commitment of three to six months to execute a disciplined marketing program using a consistent message and design. If you are using intelligent landing pages to gather critical marketing information, continue to nurture your target market database and prioritize your contacts based on the feedback you receive.

At R.C. Brayshaw & Company we manage multi-touch campaigns that incorporate from two to five touches within an individual campaign. When reviewing the analytics, we find the response rates increase with each subsequent touch in every scenario. Remember, multi-touch works!

Authored by Rick Hall, Director Business Development

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