Poster Printing in NH and Other Print Marketing Methods: Still Running

An article by Vladimir Gendelman published last July 24 on the MarketingProfs website discusses about common print marketing myths. According to the author, “A host of inaccurate myths surrounds the print industry, leaving many with the wrong impression-that print isn’t eco-friendly or effective…and other misconceptions.” Misinformation usually results to missed opportunities and even weaker marketing strategies but the author in his article debunks most of the presented attacks on print marketing.

marketing myths

One is about the print method being an environmental hazard. Paper, however, is a recyclable material and a renewable source. In fact, 63.5% of paper used in the US was recycled in 2010. Some also believe that print marketing is already ineffective and digital marketing is more efficient, which isn’t actually true. According to the article, “The most effective marketing strategy is the one that covers all your bases with both printed and digital media”

Furthermore, the article concludes:

A smart marketing plan is all-inclusive, focusing on both printed
and digital communications equally to achieve maximum result.

There is no doubt that marketing online is effective but marketing through print cannot be counted out just yet as a strategy to improve or promote a brand because of the wide variety of methods you can obtain from it. Take for example large format printing by NH printing companies that can produce high resolution mounted posters, banners, or wall graphics. In fact, this particular form of printing is now considered as a popular advertising tool because of the quality it brings to many businesses.

Another method is poster printing that results in remarkable printed outputs. Since this procedure works on a wide variety of materials, it gives customers plenty of options to choose from. You can consult NH poster printing companies such as R.C. Brayshaw & Company if you want a customized poster print product.

If you think that print marketing is dead, you better think again. Not only does it bring plenty of options to the table, but it also maintains a certain kind of unmatched quality.

That means you can’t afford to get tripped up by false information about
the print industry when nearly half of your marketing strategy is at stake.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Six Common Print Marketing Myths Debunked, MarketingProfs,July 24, 2013)

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