Promotional Products for NH Businesses Back Classic Marketing Plans

An article on BrightIdeasforBiz.com gives advice for choosing the right promotional products for your business’ marketing agenda. According to author Ally Piper, the items you give people will determine their enthusiasm in purchasing your actual products and services. Your promotional products serve as a bridge between you and potential clients, which will eventually lead to a lasting business relationship. One of Piper’s ideas:

Right PromotionalIt is important to note if your target audience consists of more men or women because although both genders feel important and special when receiving a promotional item, the items they receive and keep are rather different. The ASI survey revealed that women have received more bags, calendars, health and safety items and writing instruments than men. On the other hand, men received more T-shirts, electronics and caps than women.

Gender is certainly a crucial factor if you are marketing your business in New Hampshire, where women outnumber men by around 20,000. Aside from interests, you and other business owners should also consider simple numbers in your choice and production of promotional items; you can get clues from demographic analyses released by statistics offices. Furthermore, your promotional products in NH should be distributed in places where where they will be useful in people’s daily lives.

Nobody likes to keep useless stuff collecting dust on their shelves. Promotional products should show your appreciation to your clients and of course – keep your brand out there in the open. And this is possible only if your clients actively use your free items. Function wins out every time!

Pens, tumblers, and travel items are among the most popular promotional products that you can choose for your business. Companies like R.C. Brayshaw & Company can help you produce and distribute some of the most effective promotional products to your target clients. They can even produce items that suit a particular season or celebration; pocket calendars, for instance, are ideal as the year is about to end while ceramic mugs may be great for coffee and tea aficionados who want warm winter mornings.

While giving away promotional products, you can start formally introducing your company by providing potential clients with business cards. These are important items that bear the name of your company, so they should be designed and printed by a reliable NH business card printing firm. Make sure that they’re neither too plain nor too embellished to encourage potential clients to call you for the products or services you offer.

(Article Excerpt and Image from How to Choose the Right Promotional Products for Your Business?, BrightIdeasforBiz.com, March 18, 2013)

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