The Significance of Social Media and Customer Feedback (Good or Bad)

It’s probably safe to say you’ve already heard what we’re about to tell you. But it’s important enough topic that a reminder does not hurt. Happy customers are valuable ones, and loyal happy customers are even more so, especially when they sing your praises. On the other hand, unhappy customers can be more vocal.

A disgruntled client may be more likely to take you to task in a public forum, now that most consumers are connected to social media on at least one channel, and it is important that you respond strategically to their feedback.

Why You Need to Socialize

Don’t think of your business as at-risk upon joining the social media sphere. In fact, openness to customer feedback on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you make your mark will ultimately help you.

Here’s why.

Customers want to interact with you on social media—or at least, they want the option to interact. In fact, they even expect it. Nowadays businesses without social media accounts look suspicious.

Think Twice Before Deleting

Some businesses, especially small ones, are ravenous for social media content. Any attention is good attention. And there’s some truth to that. Even negative comments are of value when you respond to them appropriately.

When customers complain about your products or customer service on Facebook or Twitter, let them have their say. You may be pleasantly surprised to find loyal customers defending you. That’s all the more reason to let negative, obnoxious or unfair feedback stay on your page.

Sales Side Effects

Happy customers that respond to unhappy ones will always be ideal. But until you’ve built up a band of happy–go-lucky social media followers always at the ready to go to battle for you, responding to negative feedback yourself will have to suffice.

The rules of responding to complaints on social media are the same as they are in person. Hear out whoever is so upset with you. Read their comments with an open mind to understand where they’re coming from.

After reviewing the complaint—and quickly looking into the situation as necessary—respond right away. Remember that while you may strive to provide perfection to your customers, there will be a time when one feels they have an issue, and how you respond to that issue can far outweigh the negative posts.

Handle negative feedback on social media well and it could turn into a positive. Clients and prospects may be impressed by your understanding response, which of course could make your sales outlook even brighter.

Keep an eye on your business’s social media properties so that you can turn every bad customer experience into a sales opportunity.

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