Soy Based Ink Printing Preferred by Most Printing Companies in NH

Commercial printing products are everywhere, from newspapers, brochures and catalogs, however, not everyone knows that the traditional way of printing can be stressful to the environment. Fortunately, the printing industry has developed a greener and a more environment friendly solution to address the problem: soy based ink, which is used by printing companies in NH like R.C. Brayshaw & Company.

soy ink

An article from CleanTechnica gave 5 reasons why soy ink is the better option for the environment. The first one is about soy oil as a replenishable compound:

One of the biggest environmental issues is whether something
can be used for the long term. Some manufactured goods, such as
petroleum products, require inputs with a limited supply. These goods
might be okay in the short term, but inevitably they will run out at some
point in the future. Soy ink, of course, relies on a compound that
can be grown and replenished indefinitely – soy oil.

Another important factor about soy ink is that their agricultural costs are lower compared to other types since they only require a small amount of irrigation and fertilizer.

Soy ink is also biodegradable:

Because soy ink is based on naturally grown soy oil, it can degrade
more than four times faster than petroleum-based inks. This simply
means that the full life cycle of soy ink is shorter and the total load
on the environment is far less.

Aside from all of these environmental benefits, soy ink also offers aesthetic benefits. This type of ink provides a brighter and richer color when compared to the traditional ink. It also has a certain kind of ink support leading only to a few adjustments and rejections, which makes the job easier for the press operator.

Moreover, since a soy ink’s color has an intense effect, printers don’t have to use much ink. This results to more printed materials but with less ink use which translates to low production cost.

With its numerous benefits, it’s no longer surprising that soy ink is the number one choice of most printing services in NH. It’s more than just a green alternative, soy ink is also cost-effective and safe, making it the perfect printing tool for your next project.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Soy Ink: Five Ways It’s Better for the Environment, Clean Technica)

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