The Value of Using Twitter for Business

One might ask why R. C. Brayshaw & Company would take the time to post a Blog about a social media service like Twitter. After all, since we don’t sell Twitter, why take the time and effort to educate our customers and friends about this service? The answer is quite simple, our primary focus is to consult and help your business succeed at the highest level possible by continually sharing new marketing concepts and tools. We want to supplement your needs in any way we can, because as any smart businessperson knows, success breeds success, and anything we can do to assist each other in that endeavor is time well spent.

With the emergence of integrated marketing technologies, there are now many dynamic ways to reach your audience with your messages. Since no single communication channel is 100% effective by itself, you can improve your response rates and return on your marketing investments by supplementing your campaigns with multiple touches to your audience. In this segment, we will focus solely on the benefits Twitter can provide.

Let’s evaluate why Twitter is good for business. First of all, it is free and easy to use. Signing up takes only a few minutes, and the “Twitter for Business” web page provides a simple road map on how to get started right through to optimizing your activity and advertising your business. Twitter is like a “micro-blogging” service, allowing you to send short messages out to select groups, and it allows you to receive responses from many, many people. It is both a relationship building and relationship maintenance tool, allowing you to meet potential customers and prospects in the same manner you would at a networking event or trade show.

Here is a partial list of ways Twitter can be helpful to you and your business:

  • Practice Reputation Management by interacting with your customer base and tracking what people are saying about you
  • Generate interest in any upcoming events you are involved in
  • Promote other marketing content you’ve developed such as printed brochures or catalogs, blog posts, or any other outbound or inbound campaigns
  • Generate new sales leads
  • At conferences and events provide attendees with real-time updates
  • Offer customer service and support
  • Follow your competition
  • Drive people to your company’s website
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry

We hope we’ve provided you with the incentive to look further into ways Twitter can help your business. Print media, along with other outbound marketing tools will remain as viable tools to creating and maintaining your brand, but inbound tools are critical to allowing you to be in touch, in “real time”, with your customer base and prospects. The staff at R. C. Brayshaw & Company always welcomes the opportunity to work with our customers to evaluate their needs and provide marketing solutions. Let us know if we can help in any way.

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