Using the Power of Predictable Consumer Behavior to Drive Action

PrezMsg-05-16Understanding your prospects and the triggers that will drive them to respond to your marketing message is critical to generating a positive marketing return on investment. At R.C. Brayshaw & Company, we know that applying behavioral science to direct marketing initiatives leads to better conversations, and better conversations lead to more sales.

Behavioral marketing in its simplest definition is identifying which marketing stimuli trigger which consumer response, and measuring their effectiveness. Behavioral marketing creates an understanding of the deeply rooted physiological consumer response drivers. In years past, marketing was approached as an art, whereas today, we employ data and analytics to deliver messages that are relevant and engaging.

To produce the greatest results for our clients’ campaigns, we first identify their primary and secondary objectives before developing strategies. Once we know the demographic breakdown of the target audience, we evaluate the groups within the lists and develop messages that will resonate with each segment based on data and insight. Once the highly targeted messages are developed, we then determine which marketing channels will be most effective at delivering each message. Through our own extensive research and experience, we can identify which channel will evoke the ideal response from your prospect.

Based on the widespread clutter of the digital marketing space, studies have shown that direct mail is 20% more likely to provide the motivation for consumers to act. Direct mail is proven to drive more traffic – 64% visited a website in response to direct mail, 47% visited a store, and 54% engaged in social media based on receiving something in the mail.

As a leading provider of integrated marketing solutions, you can imagine we found this data to be very compelling. We have always believed in a well-rounded, diversified approach which includes utilizing multiple channels to achieve the best results. Recognizing where your prospects are and identifying their delivery preference plays a very powerful role in any integrated marketing campaign.

Those who have attempted to abandon print and replace it with strictly digital initiatives have seen a significant drop in sales volume. For example, a recent study indicates that Lands’ End’s decision to reduce the number of catalogs sent to consumers resulted in a $100 million decline in sales. Further research conducted on the sales decline discovered that 75% of customers who were making purchases had reviewed the catalog first. Proving that even in this so-called “digital revolution,” to effectively tap into the power of digital media, integrate it with your print messages.

However, it is important to realize there is no magic potion – no single right answer for the perfect mix. But knowing your prospects, what they are looking for, and how to grab their attention is the right place to start. The application of behavioral marketing is proven to make campaigns more effective, leading to improved response and conversion rates.

While big brands have the resources to fully invest in behavioral marketing research and experts, we can provide you with the same level of expertise while working within the constraints of your budget. We want you to know you do not have to let your budget hold you back from improving response rates and sales conversions. If your marketing campaigns need a boost, please contact us today to discuss how we can skillfully utilize this application to enhance your marketing efforts.



Tom Brayshaw, President & CEO

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