USPS New Folded Self Mailer Requirements

In January of this year, the US Postal Service made changes to the design of the Folded Self Mailer to reduce damage to the mail and to help prevent their sorting equipment from jamming.

The most prominent changes that affect the design of the mail piece are summarized below.

  1. Maximum size for a “Folded Self Mailer” is now 6” x 10-1/2”
    This new, smaller maximum size applies only to folded self mailers.  Please note that Letter sized and Postcard mailings still have a Maximum size of 6-1/8” x 11-1/2”.
  2. A single fold piece can no longer be folded at the top, and if it is folded at the bottom, it requires that two tabs be applied on the top.
  3. Other single folds, tri-folds, and right-angle folds under one ounce require 2 tabs as well, they can have either two tabs on the top, or one on the leading edge, and one on the trailing edge.
  4. Tabs are no longer allowed on the bottom of a self-mailer.
  5. New rules require that inserts must be anchored in place using fugitive glue if the bottom of the direct mail piece is open.
  6. For tri-folded self-mailers, the mailing address must be on the middle panel, with the final fold creating the non-address side. (see below)RCB-tri-fold-self-mailer
  7. Oblong self-mailers must have the final fold on the right side of the address panel, or ‘leading edge’.  There are two options for tabbing, and they are shown here.RCB-oblong-self-mailers






There are a number of other small changes that impact mailings so please contact us as you are starting your design of a new mail piece and we will be happy to guide you through the new specifications.

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