The Benefits of a Web to Print Portal

Essentially, a Web to Print Portal is an online ordering center where your company associates and sales personnel can request either inventoried or customized marketing materials quite easily with the use of their office computer or other remote device. Consider it as a tool that centralizes and simplifies the process of creating, distributing, and tracking all components of your marketing collateral. Listed below are some of the benefits you can derive from your own Web to Print Portal.

Never worry about accidentally depleting your inventory
The quantities you have in stock are constantly available for your review online as we will automatically track your inventory for you. You can rely on the receipt of our Email alerts notifying you when the inventory on a particular item has reached a predetermined level, providing you with adequate time for reordering your crucial marketing materials.

Keep your corporate brand consistent
Having a web to print portal for your company ensures that your corporate branding adheres to company policies. You will be able to maintain control over the important things that made your brand strong in the first place. Create brochures, stationery, product flyers and more for all your locations while having the confidence knowing your brand is consistent.

Reduce your storage and collateral management costs
You will no longer need to maintain a storeroom or the packaging materials required for the storage and distribution of your marketing collateral. You staff will be free to perform other, more important or pressing duties while we fill the orders and ship it directly to your associates or customers.

The Web Portal is Customized and Branded specifically for your needs
Having a site specifically designed to suit your needs and your product line helps to maintain the look and feel of your organization that is both familiar and comfortable for your associates to use. Most importantly, since change is persistent in the business environment, each site is organic and fluid in its design to allow for easy edits as your company’s needs evolve.

You have complete control over the order approval process
Never worry again about one of your associates ordering product in quantities that might incur unnecessary waste. We will process the order only after it is approved by the individual within your firm who is empowered to do so.

Items are customizable for use in multiple areas
With centralized ordering, you can take advantage of volume ordering and pricing with specific site customization on an “as need” basis. You will be able to view and approve the customized content right online.

Place orders at your convenience
Your web portal is available for use 24/7 allowing you to place orders at your convenience. The time required to place an order is streamlined and efficient since your ordering process is centralized and easy to access. Orders that formerly tied up the administrative staff with excess processing time now only take minutes to enter.

At R. C. Brayshaw and Company we will meet with you, evaluate your needs, and suggest what we feel will work best for your organization. Let us help you develop your own custom-created web portal so you can allow your approved users easy, online ordering of your marketing collateral.

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