Ensuring Success in 2014

Pressident's Message - January 2014I hope we have helped you achieve your goals during the past year and we look forward to contributing to your success in 2014! At R.C. Brayshaw & Company we are constantly monitoring developments in all forms of communication so we can continue to provide you with powerful solutions for your marketing needs. In this new year we will continue to help you integrate your brand on every piece of communication, across all media forms. By merging all your printed and virtual communication with online response channels we’ll help you track all your marketing efforts and not only identify what’s working from what isn’t, but provide you with real time access to your most engaged leads and sales opportunities.

With the emergence of our web development and corporate branding services, our design team provides consistent, professional integration across web and print that are critical to all areas of your corporate communication strategy. Regardless of what medium your business is viewed in, you always want to ensure that your company presents a visual persona that is consistent and one that helps set you apart from your competition. The importance of utilizing professional design services to ensure that you are projecting a strong brand will help you not only stand out among your competitors, but will help build credibility, a perceived value, and trust among your customers and prospects alike. Ashley Agresta, our Senior Graphic Designer, provides a detailed explanation that will assist you in understanding the importance of this often overlooked element among small and medium sized businesses.

On another subject, if your vertical market includes selling to members of the Baby Boomer generation, there are some very compelling statistics developing which point out the excellent opportunities that exist for the companies who are implementing a 50+ marketing strategy in 2014. At no other time in our nation’s history has there been such a tremendous surge in the buying power of a particular demographic. The numbers are astounding, and if your product or services are used by this group, the opportunity to tap into this market is one you will not want to miss. Our Director of Business Development, Rick Hall expounds on the matter, and as a “Boomer” himself, speaks to the issue from firsthand knowledge.

During the course of 2014 there are many exciting developments we will be sharing as we continue to expand our services to provide exceptional Manufacturing and Marketing Solutions that are highly effective not only in today’s environment, but are also adaptable to evolving technologies, providing you with leading-edge solutions for years to come. We look forward to assisting you with your business development and success in the coming months. Happy New Year!




Tom Brayshaw, President & CEO

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