Printing Companies in NH Now Use Environmentally Friendly Methods

While the industrial and commercial sectors are often blamed for the dying environment, there’s still a chance to reverse their bad reputation. Starting with simple changes in daily business processes, such as replacing printing materials with eco-friendly alternatives, a company can continue growing without increasingly wounding nature. An article for TheNewEcologist.com discusses some ways that business development and environmental protection can enter a fair trade-off, mostly focusing on alternative printing materials and systems.

eco-friendly printing

“Conventional inks contain synthetic chemicals and petroleum products that emit volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other toxins into the environment. However, eco-friendly inks are of different types based on what they are made from: vegetable oils, soy bean oil, water based solvents, corn and bio ink are some of them. Scientists are developing more eco-friendly inks that are 100% biodegradable and produced from renewable sources.”

Recent studies show that VOC, despite their known health hazards, remain present in most homes and offices. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) identifies office printers and printed materials as among some of the sources of these dangerous chemicals. In states like New Hampshire where the printing is a rapidly growing industry due to high demands from tourism and business marketing, VOC hazards may be of alarming rate. This paves the need for eco-friendly printing, which involves the use of eco-friendly ink and paper.

“Such eco-friendly paper is manufactured from bagasse (sugarcane fiber), seeds or recycled paper. As a result every ton of such paper saves 12 to 24 trees. The manufacturing process for this paper also uses fewer toxin chemicals, less energy and low emissions in addition to avoiding chlorine.”

Most businesses can no longer avoid transitioning from paper-based to digital transactions, which in turn reduces the use of paper. However, printing will still be highly necessary for specific marketing purposes. A business should always consider if their prospective NH printing company upholds environmentally friendly practices. It helps to ask about their equipment, materials, and processes before deciding to hire them. Printing firms like R.C. Brayshaw & Company provide a wide range of services that are hinged on environmental protection.

Every eco-friendly method incorporated in business operation is a leg up to campaigns for restoring the environment. It has been proven that the gap between industrialization and environmental protection can be bridged simply by obtaining services like eco-friendly printing services in NH. Finding and using these alternatives is an environmental solution that is outright sustainable.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Eco-Friendly Printing: The Choice of Every Thinking Enterprise, TheNewEcologist.com)

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