Integrated Marketing – Part 2

Social Media PresenceSocial Media Presence

Today, approximately 67% of internet users have active accounts on at least one social networking site. The immense popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin has transformed them into extremely effective marketing devices. You can use social media to establish brand recognition, manage customer relationships and to expand your audience reach. Facebook and Twitter combined have over 1.5 billion users making them the best sites for business to consumer marketing. Linkedin has quickly grown into the largest professional networking site, making it a great platform to develop online business-to-business introductions and interactions.

Developing your presence on social media is inexpensive and you are not limited as to how creative you can be when engaging your audience. The goal on social networking sites is not to sell your products or services, but to connect and interact with your customers on a social level. Be vigilant in this area as social media is constantly evolving and expanding. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are also becoming valuable marketing tools in certain vertical markets. With a combined user base of 125 million, their popularity will allow you to create diverse messaging and access specific user demographics.

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