Integrated Marketing – Part 3

Variable Data Imaging

The power of variable data imaging provides you with the opportunity to respond to your customers and prospects’ inquiries based on their specific interests and needs. Best of all, this dynamic strategy can be used in both the digital and printed world.

Variable data allows you the ability to customize your marketing strategy so it is specific to each prospect or customer. For example, if your product line is appliances and a prospect has indicated an interest in a new gas range for the kitchen, you would not want to reply with a static brochure or Email showing a washer/dryer combination. With variable data imaging you are able to respond to this example showing not only an image of a gas range, but the exact model, specifications, and color scheme that matches your client or prospect’s interest!

Using a targeted response that incorporates relevant imagery and content based on your customer or prospect’s inquiry shows that you are listening, and your reply will provide a strong connection between you and your client/prospect.

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