Internship Reflections

InternThe time has come that I have been dreading for so long. My summer internship is ending and my experience here at R.C. Brayshaw & Company has been so great that I just simply don’t want to leave. However, I must return home to Wisconsin to finish my senior year of college. The things I’ve learned and friendships I’ve made will stick with me for a lifetime. The things I was hoping to gain from this internship opportunity are:

  • Experience
  • New perspectives
  • Friends
  • And of course, additional knowledge about my chosen field

I knew it was going to be challenging and it certainly was, but fortunately, it tested me in all the right ways. I’ve learned so much more than just how to preflight a file or add an indicia to a mailer. I’ve been able to recognize my areas of weakness and now know where my focus should be in the upcoming school year so I can achieve the skill levels I know I’m capable of. With that said, I’m now going to gush about all the amazing people and experiences that I’ve encountered at R.C. Brayshaw.

I’ll start out by repeating myself and saying what an incredible vision R.C. Brayshaw has of what businesses need and want today. What makes this company stand out from the rest is its ability to understand and move forward with a unique plan that is effective and works for you. I may not have learned all the ins and outs, being that I was only here for a short period, but I have learned this; it doesn’t take a long time to determine if a company works or it doesn’t, and R.C. Brayshaw just works and for too many good reasons to count.

In my previous blog post, I mentioned why R.C. Brayshaw’s staff is the best I’ve ever known. Little did I know at the time, that it was only the beginning. If this experience has taught me anything, it’s that one can learn the most from the people that surround us. It was so easy to appreciate their habits, humor and personalities. For my benefit, they went above and beyond, not only to make me part of their company but also to help me feel like a part of their community. I’ve learned something different from each and every one of these people. To everyone working on the presses, you made walking through the back door every morning just so much better. Drew and Fred, you two are the hardest working duo I will ever know. Your witty remarks and dry humor are what got me through the day. Lindsey, I’ve missed you while you’ve been out on your maternity leave. You’ve shown me how nice it is to have a friend that you can talk to and learn from at the same time. All the staff up in the Lebanon facility, I’m so glad I got to meet you and you are all probably the coolest people I will ever meet. Josh, words can’t describe what you have done for me this summer. You have this amazing ability of getting someone to be social, and to feel accepted and slightly awkward all at the same time. Karen, I think you are the light and sunshine of this company and I loved your advice whenever we talked. To everyone upstairs, thank you for being so friendly and positive. Ken, Amanda and Schwa, you are all so nice and hard working that anyone can’t help but to smile when they talk to you. And Tom Brayshaw, you are the core and rock of this company. You accept only the best and treat everyone with respect, and I know they all respect you. Every person that I’ve met along the way should know that you’ve had a positive impression and I’ve appreciated each and every opportunity, lesson, advice, project and task I have ever received from any of you.

I really feel like I should complain about something because I keep going on about how great this has been. Hmm… let me think. Oh yeah, only on the 90+ degree days would the A/C decide not to work. There, I said it. You get one complaint from me R.C. Brayshaw! But, we joke that things break around me, so maybe it’s me.

R.C. Brayshaw has set the bar extremely high when it comes to what I will look for in a job opportunity. Needless to say, my expectations were initially met, and then exceeded. It will be tough to compare any other company to the one I’ve come to respect and love this summer.

BrianneAuthored by Brianne Diermeier, Graphic Designer

Editor’s Note: We can’t tell you enough how happy we are that Brianne came to New Hampshire to intern with us for the summer. Brianne’s bright personality and strong work ethic will serve her well as she enters her senior year and prepares to start her career. Everyone here at R.C. Brayshaw will miss her, wishes her the best, and we will hope to see her again!

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