Ensuring That Today’s Successes Continue Tomorrow

In our continuing effort to help you market your business successfully, this month we’re focusing on the upcoming Trade Show season and touching on the importance of integrating your marketing efforts across all media channels.

We are very fortunate to be able to work with a wide variety of organizations and businesses that reside in a number of vertical markets. This diversity keeps things very interesting for us as we are able to create vastly different marketing programs tailored to attract different and distinct audiences. In spite of how different these accounts are, when staring out with a new customer, we often notice one common problem – a lack of integration between their digital and conventional marketing initiatives.

See if these examples of internal divisions sound familiar to you. (1) Your company has great print collateral that has evolved over time and is managed by a print buyer or purchasing agent. (2) You have a great web presence with a site that has been developed and maintained by an in-house web designer or an outside web developer. (3) You send out regular Email newsletters or promotions that are handled by someone in business development. No one has ever brought these silos together to ensure that they not only work together cohesively, but that they all generate new lead opportunities and help nurture these leads through the sales funnel until they are converted into new revenue for the company.

The universal challenge for everyone one of us is the same: sustainability. If we do not have a successful lead generation program in place today, we may well find ourselves referred to in the past tense tomorrow. Providing a fully integrated approach to your marketing strategy will ensure that you are not losing opportunities to your competitor’s simply because they provide prospects with an “easier to follow” road map to customer service and support.

One of our most valued support services is providing a complete Marketing Analysis of our clients’ current communication channels. This ensures that not only are they are fully integrated, but used in a cohesive manner as well, providing critical lead generation 24/7. I encourage you to contact us today so one of our marketing consultants can help you identify both your marketing strengths and weaknesses, and let us help put you on the path to adding new, qualified leads into your sales funnel on a regular basis.

As the summer starts to wind down, we had to say good-bye to our summer intern, Brianne Diermeier. A number of you commented on how much you enjoyed reading her early perceptions of interning here at R.C. Brayshaw & Company, so we have included her final blog in this E-News for your enjoyment. We all miss Brianne and wish her well in her senior year at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.

Tom BrayshawTom Brayshaw, President & CEO

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