Show Your Stuff with Event Marketing!

Trade Show GraphicsTradeshows and event management are not for the weak of heart – they require the patience of a saint, the organization/strategy of a military general, and a strong and forward thinking marketing mind to ensure a positive ROI.

Companies that regularly partake in tradeshows know that they are not by any means an inexpensive venture, so capturing viable leads and exposure is critical – after all, that is what tradeshows are for (I know, I thought they were mini vacations with tons of free swag too…)! Tradeshows are critical avenues for face time with current clients, exposure to new leads, and making your presence known in your respective market.

With all of the services that R.C. Brayshaw provides we are able to take the “edge off” and add value to what can be a very stressful, time monopolizing, and costly (yet necessary) endeavor. We can truly help you from start to finish with tradeshow/event planning. We understand what it takes to capitalize on and stretch your marketing dollars to ensure your money is spent in a focused and targeted direction to provide the most effective results.

Our integrated marketing group can work with you to come up with a campaign that speaks to your target audience and drives traffic to your booth with direct mailings and email blasts in the weeks/days leading up to your event. In addition to increasing activity at your booth, these campaigns capture critical marketing data about your customers and prospects, providing you with key talking points during the show and allowing you to communicate using highly targeted, data driven messaging following the show. Our wide format department can outfit your tradeshow/event space with a custom booth or pop-up banners, and signage that have a cohesive message that works hand in hand with your company’s brand and any preshow promotional efforts. With R.C. Brayshaw’s broad print capability, we can provide data sheets, handouts, fliers, or even those last minute business cards to send with your sales and marketing staff to provide information to prospects and colleagues, giving your company a professional and finished presentation. There really isn’t much here at R.C. Brayshaw that we can’t help you with – we can help find just the “give-away”, “swag”, or hand out that will gain your company recognition both on the show floor and post show. Finally, when the big show is over we can help you collect and analyze data from your show efforts to help you understand and fine tune your sales and marketing efforts for your next event.

Well-orchestrated and carefully crafted tradeshows/events presences are opportunities to demonstrate a solid, unified front, to your customers and industry alike. This strengthens your credibility as a company and gives you a huge advantage over your competition, who has likely NOT taken these extra steps (since only about 23% of companies do any kind of pre-show/even promotion).

With 5+ years of event/tradeshow management I personally understand the challenges of event planning and how, just once, you want one person to make your life easier – not more complicated. I can say with the utmost confidence (as a former customer, prior to becoming a member of the Immediate R.C. Brayshaw Family) that we are here to help; we have the staff and experience to help get you through your event chaos and make your company shine!

Dawn Patnode, Manager Promotional Products Division

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