5 Reasons why professional design is imperative to the success of your business

5 Reasons Why Professional Design is Imperative for the Success of Your Business

Design is all around us, every day and everywhere. Strong design has been hailed as the essential ingredient to successful product launches, agency ad campaigns, countless services, and entire global companies. Some businesses continue to overlook the importance of good design even though it is clear that it has a positive impact on the success of marketing their brand. Most businesses of any size are on a budget, but well-designed graphics, marketing collateral, signage, newsletters, and websites can bring a significant return to any business large or small. You can’t expect to create a successful company that will be sustainable over the long run without focusing on a balanced use of professional design and marketing.


Professional design can help you:

1. Develop a strong brand identity

As you lay the groundwork for your overall marketing strategy, developing a strong logo and solid brand will provide you with the foundation you’ll need to support the promotion of your products and services. When creating a company logo, be sure that it is functional and that it will resonate with your target audience. The goal should be to reinforce your brand’s message and create an iconic image that will stand the test of time; think of it as the heartbeat of your brand. The development of an effective logo requires substantial research and careful consideration. Design isn’t just about aesthetics, successful and effective design is much more; it takes into account the psychology behind the design to motivate and influence prospects and customers to identify and engage with your company.

2. Stand out from your competitors

A business runs the risk of missing a vital segment of the market if its marketing plan fails to consider the importance of projecting a professional image. An owner might conclude that the need to invest in the development of a brand for their small business is unnecessary since their competitors don’t have engaging logos either. In reality, a scenario such as this presents the perfect opportunity for their business to appear more qualified and established than the competition. Having a reputable brand will differentiate them from other businesses and make them more appealing to their clients.


3. Evoke emotion

Beginning at an early age, design directly influences our decision making process. The perfect example, whether or not we consciously realize it, is how design has a direct influence on how we purchase products. When we are children, bright colors and fun graphics on packaging draws our interest to products. A child who feels like they NEED a certain product after seeing an advertisement is an example of good design creating an emotional response within a targeted demographic. In today’s digital age, social media vectors also provide a chance for businesses to strengthen a relationship between themselves and a client, in turn creating another emotional connection that collectively helps provide a better brand experience.

4. Build credibility, perceived value, and trust

You should consider setting a goal to create a brand that establishes consistency and credibility for your business in the marketplace. In today’s world, it is important to cater to your customers by creating an enjoyable user experience, regardless of how the customer is interacting with you. Whether it’s through a printed piece, a desktop website, or a mobile optimized page, each of these vectors must display your brand consistently with an integrated, cohesive look. This projects your company as a legitimate entity and helps build a perceived value in the mind of your prospects and customers.

5. Sell more products

As humans, we are sold on the visual experience. Our tastes may change, but our desire for something aesthetically appealing remains the same. As consumers, we look for something that catches our eye, providing a pleasant visual experience. Studies have shown that people are far more likely to purchase a product that looks more appealing and professional than one with a generic appearance. In the end, every business’s goal is to sell more products or services, thereby generating a profit. Following these few guidelines will help keep your business on the fast track to success. If you feel overwhelmed reading any of this, don’t worry, R.C. Brayshaw and Company specializes in creating brand identities. Leave the design to us, so you can stay focused on your business!

Authored by Ashley Agresta, Senior Graphic Designer


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