Tracking Your Success

Presidents MessageSmall and medium sized businesses are no different from major enterprise corporations; success often comes down to profitability. Sales drives revenue and profit, and marketing allows you to reach an audience that can ideally be converted into sales. In today’s environment you need solutions that integrate and automate marketing across print, online, mobile, and social media channels. To sustain your success, you also need to partner with someone who can assist you with emerging media solutions and channels as they rise to prominence.

Just like those large corporations, small and medium businesses are becoming more data-driven to enhance marketing effectiveness across all channels, allowing a calculation of return on their marketing investment to further optimize their marketing and sales. I believe you will find our article on “Marketing Automation” very useful in describing how useful fully integrated marketing solutions can be to your on-going success.

Of equal importance is the continual emergence and growth of the mobile marketing environment and the opportunities to gain, or lose, precious sales opportunities. Current statistics indicate that 83% of households with an annual income of $75,000 or more, own smartphones. More and more of these users are using these mobile devices, rather than PC’s, to access the web and engage in E-commerce activity. Just as these smartphone users are quick to reward companies providing them with a positive mobile experience, they are also fast to punish those who don’t do a good job by taking their business elsewhere. Our article on “Responsive Web Design” points out the need to evaluate what will work best for your business as you emerge into the mobile market. We are here to help develop the solution that is right for you.

I welcome your feedback and any questions you have that can help us serve your needs more effectively. Please feel free to email me at: TBrayshaw@RCBrayshaw.com.




Tom Brayshaw, President & CEO

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