Protecting your Brand with Closed Loop Color Management

One thing we’ve always been proud of at R.C. Brayshaw & Company, throughout our 40 years providing excellence through print, is how we strive to bring in the best technology to ensure the best results for our customers.

What is closed-loop color management?

Closed-loop color management, at the most basic level, “closes the loop” between users and processes to ensure color accuracy across a project. As a G7 certified printer, our proofing and press equipment are calibrated precisely to G7 standards, ensuring a close visual match from proof-to-press.Closed Loop Color Management from Prepress to Production

At the next stage of the process, on the press itself, color is monitored throughout a run by state-of-the-art Prinect Inpress Control—the best inline color measurement system available on sheet-fed presses today. It automatically measures process colors, spot colors, and register as paper is moving through the press, and sends the signal back to the press center as adjustments are needed. This ensures that your brand colors and imagery are consistent throughout your project.

Next, the Prinect integrated color workflow provides reliable inking and exacting color reproduction from job to job, for consistent color quality each time you choose R.C. Brayshaw. On press, we are able to save certain parameters and calibrations that are unique to your paper and colors, so that you can feel confident in your finished product, every time.

Most importantly—the results.

Printing is a high-technology process, and the equipment, certifications, and jargon can be a mouthful.  The point is, this technology backs up the R.C. Brayshaw promise—that your project will be delivered on time and meet your expectations. Closed-loop color helps us ensure that you experience brand consistency from project to project, with increased accuracy in your color reproduction, and shortened turnaround times through increased productivity from prepress-to-press.

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