What is an online portal?

Put simply, an online portal is a customized ordering interface for your company.  Your portal can contain an assortment of items that you need to make available to your employees, partners, or clients—whether they are all in one office, or spread across the world.

Usage is simple: each user receives login information, and are granted access to an online checkout process for the items that they are approved to order.  Your portal is completely customizable as to what quantities are available to order, whether the user pays for the item at the time of order, and shipping/delivery options.

There are many benefits of a customized online ordering solution for your branded materials that translate into time- and cost-savings. Take control of your marketing materials with automated order approval and reporting options.

Common online portal solutions:


  • Order a bulk quantity of envelopes, letterheads, etc. for best possible print pricing
  • Store excess materials in our secure, insured, climate-controlled warehouse
  • Allow individuals or departments to order boxes of stationery as they need them to minimize lost items or waste
  • Employ a custom order approval process if desired
  • Monitor usage by user/department for budgetary planning

Business Cards

  • Allow individuals (or management) to order or reorder business cards
  • Customize unlimited fields for contact information
  • Protect your branding and consistency with template(s) that cannot be edited by users
  • Ensure set ordering quantities, print pricing, and delivery options
  • Order approval can go to HR for job title and information approval if desired

Marketing Materials

  • Allow users or departments to order custom branded items or warehoused brochures
  • Order branded marketing materials at higher quantities for cost-savings and warehouse securely
  • Ensure brand consistency by controlling the design and distribution of branded materials
  • Items can be pre-purchased and warehoused, or produced-to-order
  • Portal can contain any R.C. Brayshaw product, or even customer-supplied items


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