Banners, Signs and Posters, it’s all in a name…

When you think of “Banners, Signage, and Posters”, we think “Wide Format” printing. Over the past couple of year, the choices for use of substrates for these mediums has exploded, creating what feels like an endless number of choices for you, the customer. Are you looking for a “WOW” factor to convey your marketing message? A great design, paired with the right substrate will provide that effect and help you convey your message in a very powerful manner!

It wasn’t all that long ago that the material choices were somewhat limited in the wide format world. Papers, vinyl’s, canvas and even hard substrates like foam core and Coroplast were an option but getting ink on these materials could be a challenge, and tended to be quite pricey. As the industry has grown, so too has the technology. The introductions of flatbed printers, UV curable inks, including a back-flood of white, have really opened up the doors to creative thinking outside of the box. Today, the possibilities are almost endless.

Wall Graphics
Utilize that blank wall space with stunning graphics!

Plastics, metals, acrylics, glass, and even wood are just a few of the options available for print production today. Some of the more memorable projects R.C. Brayshaw & Company has done have been ceiling tiles, foam blocks, ceramic floor tiles, sheet metal and even a section of a bowling alley floor! Recently we provided a client with some unique solutions for three blank walls measuring 33 feet, 21 feet, and 17 feet. The results are stunning and they continue to generate many accolades for the customer from their staff and clients.

Wide Format Bed
Printing colorful POP standups on Plywood

In all probability, you’re not aware of how many examples of wide format printing you pass on a daily basis. Examples appear everywhere in our daily lives, on buildings, vehicles, at bus stops etc. You will find numerous wide format prints or POP (point of purchase) examples in retail stores, where they are plentiful. Floor graphics guide our footsteps, three-dimensional POP’s tempt us to purchase, signs guide us to the products we want, and special offers encourage us to buy what the retail outlet wants us to purchase.

Picking the right material can really set your project off from the competition, and help convey your marketing message in the best possible manner. We also assist many of our clients with green products that are both recycled and ecologically sound in consideration of the needs of Mother Earth. Deciding which media is right for you and appropriate for your specific application is where we will help. We’ll sit down with you, take the confusion out of the different mediums, and help you zero in on the best balance between price and results.

Authored by Clint Page, Wide Format and Promotional Products Manager

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